The Designer

Born in Burgos but settled in the Basque Country, her second homeland.
Fashion designer Mercedes de Miguel was born in a small town in the province of Burgos. Very early in her life she showed her passion for fashion and design, and at 15 she moved to Bilbao where she studied fashion design. She then completed her studies in Barcelona.

Following a period in which she creates collections for different well known firms in the fashion world, her inquisitiveness as well as her desire for self-improvement leads her to the creation of her own brand in 1989.
Currently she designs for her two own brands: Mercedes de Miguel and Poupée Chic.

Her garments are the result of a far more suggestive imaginary world than a visual one. Her “idea bank” is nourished mainly from the world of art, her travels and her own life experiences. Nevertheless, such inspiration with deep northern roots and colorful brushstrokes sprouts in the lab-atelier located in the core of the Biscay iron region. There, she shapes her garments with highly molded and carefully worked inner parts, creating graphic designs that unveil stories, using fine, trendy fabrics.

“(…) a creative spark followed by meditation, reflections emerging from motivation, pure creativity and pure pragmatism”.

Mercedes de Miguel, a restless entrepreneur collaborates actively in the artistic and cultural areas. Many famous women such as the orchestra conductor Inma Shara and soprano Ainhoa Arteta have boasted her designs. Mercedes designed the costumes for the dancers who performed in the 2012 Spanish Film Academy Goya Awards conducted by Blanca Li, as well as for actresses such as Belén Rueda, Victoria Abril and Manuela Velasco.

On special occasions she has also designed clothing for the worldwide renowned chef Juan Mari Arzak.

Mercedes de Miguel has been acclaimed several times both in Burgos, her native province, as well as in Biscay, her second home land. In 1999, she was awarded the Golden Pin as “Woman Of The Year in the Basque Country” for both her business entrepreneurship and international projection.

In 2008 Mercedes de Miguel was made Honorary Citizen of Bilbao, and in 2011 she was recognized by Confebask (Basque Enterprise Confederation) and awarded for being actively involved in the training of future promises in the fashion world. She strongly supports new creative talents and is actively involved in the Fashion Master’s Degree offered at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of the Basque Country. She also participates as a jury member, at Art and Fashion, the international contest for young designers.

Mercedes de Miguel created the design of the different staff uniforms for the opening of the Bilbao Guggenheim Museum, as well as the T-shirts for its 15th Anniversary commemoration. She also dresses the Basque Youth Orchestra (EGO), and the staff of the Burgos Tourist Bureau.

The Enterprise

Vocational fashion designer and business woman, Mercedes de Miguel is currently satisfied being able to participate in both fields that, despite being so different in essence, are linked by a unique “know how”.

In 1989 she sets up her own company with the brand M. de Miguel. She creates a collection for the modern and urban woman seeking a distinguishing feature. She creates, within that freedom which women currently demand, designs according to her own style and decision-making ability.

After several years attending the most representative European fashion shows, she decides to plunge into the catwalk world. For that purpose, she creates the MERCEDES DE MIGUEL line which develops the previous concept in terms of style, but taking further risks.

Her first show takes place in 1995. From 1999 to 2005 she regularly shows at Pasarela Cibeles, and later, at Pasarela Gaudi until it closes.

Among the fashion shows she most fondly remembers is the one she shared with Carolina Herrera and Paco Rabanne at the Guggenheim Museum.

She concurrently attends top international fashion shows, such as Who’s Next Pret a Porter (Paris), Pure (London), Cpd (Dusseldorf), Bread and Butter (Barcelona), SIM (Madrid) as well as those taking place in developing countries such as Dubai, China and Mexico.

While on the lookout for the market’s demand, and being true to her own style, she expands her creative world launching her second brand, POUPÉE CHIC, in 2008. She creates a collection full of color, freshness and optimism, and adds innovation which contributes to a more rapid internationalization of the business.

As the result of the birth of Poupée Chic, the creative process intensifies. She creates a “poupée universe” letting her imagination run free. She creates highly visual collections in which little stories are told. This implies an elaboration process which brings us closer to the traditional world, adding colorful prints designed on the pattern itself. Tags are also an active part of the garment and are part of the collection dialectic as well.

Her collections are currently present in over 700 shops in countries such as France, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Arab States and Spain.

At the present time she owns two shops of each line, two franchises, several corners at the department store El Corte Inglés and two outlets in Spain and France.

She is currently immersed in a franchising plan to be launched in different countries in Latin America and the Arab States.